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What is Encounter All About?

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Being a Christian means to live by God’s Word—learning it, personally experiencing it, and obeying it. The Bible gives us many examples of people who were radically transformed by their personal encounters with the Lord Jesus.

An Encounter experience is a dramatic process that completely changes the course of our lives. All of us have already experienced many important milestones, or encounters, in our lives: falling in love and getting married, being accepted into a university, obtaining a job, etc. But of all the encounters we could have, the most important one is an encounter with the living God! Matthew 16:26 says, "What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?"

The Encounter presents a series of experiences and personal teachings that result in visible, manifested change in the lives of all who participate. It offers people an environment and opportunity that allows them to discover how to establish their relationship with God, how to have direct fellowship with Him, and how to commit to His lordship in their lives.

It is our desire and prayer that every person who comes to the encounter actively seizes the opportunity to experience God. The results will be manifested in transformed lives—lives that are saved, forgiven of sin, set free, and healed by the power of the living God, Jesus Christ the Lord!

Steve & Melanie Warriner, Senior Pastors

In the past few years, Melanie and I have watched literally hundreds of people go through a phenomenal experience that has revolutionized marriages, restored broken hopes and restructured entire homes and family groups. Church pillars and rebels, people from all social strata, economic position and social backgrounds have all seen one visible result of giving a weekend of their lives to encountering God. Change. Some subtle, some dramatic. Some sudden, others processed. Some painless, others…well you get the message. Without exception, every honest seeker has experienced a life-enhancing, dramatic, undeniable transformation.

Wives are talking about the new security they have in their marriages. Husbands are experiencing freedom, expressing their emotions and leading their families with integrity. Childhood memories that had tortured, tormented and emotionally paralyzed individuals for years have simply passed from the control circuits of peoples’ lives. Stories of emotional and mental healing that produce a quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) joy are commonplace among us.

There is nothing I would like better than to see you right now, right here, before you have any opportunity for second thoughts, fill out the registration form for the next Encounter at ALCC. If you have any misgivings, please take just a moment and ask your Heavenly Father what he thinks. If He says no, we will not try to convince you otherwise. If however, you sense a nudge to attend, please do it! You will never regret seeking His presence!

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